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“There is a ‘Grand Integrator’ within everyone that is capable of integrating all the linked yet differentiated components that make us human.” —Myers
" teach pride in knowledge is to put up an effective barrier against any advance upon what is already known, since it makes one ashamed to look beyond the bounds imposed by one's own ignorance." Laws of Form, Appendix 1. - George Spencer-Brown


Nicholas Christakis, M.D.


Hidden Influence of Social Networks

Nicholas Christakis on TED


Jonah Lehrer

Jonah Lehrer

An excellent writer who stays

current with neuroscience research

The Frontal Cortex Blog


Grand Unified Field Theory


John Hagelin, Ph.D., is a world-renowned quantum physicist, educator, public policy expert, and leading proponent of peace.

Dr. Hagelin received his A.B. summa cum laude from Dartmouth College and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard University, and conducted pioneering research at CERN (the European Center for Particle Physics) and SLAC (the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center). His scientific contributions in the fields of electroweak unification, grand unification, super-symmetry and cosmology include some of the most cited references in the physical sciences. He is also responsible for the development of a highly successful Grand Unified Field Theory based on the Superstring. Dr. Hagelin is therefore at the pinnacle of achievement among the elite cadre of physicists who have fulfilled Einstein’s dream of a “theory of everything” through their mathematical formulation of the Unified Field—the most advanced scientific knowledge of our time.

But Dr. Hagelin is unique among  scientists in being the first to apply this most advanced knowledge for the practical benefit of humankind. He has pioneered the use of Unified Field-based technologies proven to reduce crime, violence, terrorism, and war and to promote peace throughout society—technologies derived from the ancient Vedic science of consciousness. He has published groundbreaking research establishing the existence of long-range “field effects” of consciousness generated through collective meditation, and has shown that large meditating groups can effectively defuse acute societal stress—thereby preventing violence and social conflict, and providing a practical foundation for permanent world peace.


The Emerging Field of Connectomics


Jeff Lichtman's Brainbows Neuroanthropology

As a Harvard Science piece reports, “By activating multiple fluorescent proteins in neurons, neuroscientists at Harvard University are imaging the brain and nervous system as never before, rendering their cells in a riotous spray of colors dubbed a ‘Brainbow.’ This technique… allows researchers to tag neurons with roughly 90 distinct colors, a huge leap over the mere handful of shades possible with current fluorescent labeling.”

So many colors in something as complex and elegant as a neuron produces striking images, and I have included many here. These images also permit the study of fields of neurons, from the life course of one neuron to the patterns of connections between neurons. Hence the emerging field of “Connectomics” which “attempts to physically map the tangle of neural circuits that collect, process, and archive information in the nervous system.”



The Secret Life of the Brain : 3-D Brain Anatomy

YouTube - The Miracle in Human Brain


David Bohm

David Bohm

"Indeed, for both the rich and the poor, life is dominated by an ever growing current of problems, most of which seem to have no real and lasting solution. Clearly we have not touched the deeper causes of our troubles. It is the main point of this book that the ultimate source of all these problems is in thought itself, the very thing of which our civilization is most proud, and therefore the one thing that is "hidden" because of our failure seriously to engage with its actual working in our own individual lives and in the life of society."

D. Bohm & Mark Edwards, _Changing Consciousness_, p. x


Dr. Dan Siegel

Dr. Dan Siegel

"A system that has differentiated components linked together as a functional whole is integrated.” —Siegel


Gregory Bateson

"There is latent in Cybernetics the means of achieving a new and perhaps more human outlook, a means of changing our philosophy of control, and a means of seeing our own follies in wider perspective." - Bateson

Ruth Benedict

Ruth Benedict with two Blackfeet men

"The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences."

Ruth Benedict



The Noetic Press


Norbert Weiner

Quotations by Wiener_Norbert





If the content of this site is dear to your heart, we are around the camp fire together. If you are a stranger to this topic, it may be more like you are visiting a reading room , library or museum.  The guided tour of this website of integrative thinkers and activists can be found on the "Meet" page.  Each link is offered as merely a way to introduce you to those gathered here. 


Association for the Scientific Studies of Consciousness - Home


Astrobiology Magazine

 Bassler,Bonnie  Intercellular communication: quorum sensing

Bateson, Gregory

Gregory Bateson - Steps to An Ecology of Mind

Beck, Aaron

The Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research

Beck, Don

Spiral Dynamics Integral - Dr Don Beck      (NEW)

Benedict, Ruth

Women Anthropologists, Ruth Benedict and others

Bohm, David

David Bohm: Science and Consciousness   (NEW)

 Bucke, Maurice  Richard Maurice Bucke - Progressive psychiatrist and pioneer in the study of consciousness
 Brain  The Secret Life of the Brain : 3-D Brain Anatomy

Calvin, William H

William H. Calvin and How Brains Think

Capra, Fritjof

Fritjof Capra - Physicist and Systems Theorist

Capra, Fritjof

Capra on 3rd Schrödinger Lecture, Trinity College Dublin


Center for Culture, Brain and Development

Chaos Theory

Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences        (NEW)

 Chivian, Eric  Center for Health and the Global Environment

Collins, Francis

Francis Collins -physician-geneticist, National Human Genome Research ,Wikipedia   (NEW)

Collins, Francis

The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief: Francis S. Collins    (NEW)

 Douglas, Mary  Mary Douglas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
 Douglas, Mary  Mary Douglas, cultural anthropologist, symbols, meaning and social differentiation and integration

Edge Foundation

Edge Foundation

Fuller, Buckminster

Bucky Fuller and Synergy

Gardner, Howard

Howard Gardner on Multiple Intelligences After 20 Years

 Gardner, James  BIOCOSM-The New Scientific Theory of Evolution: Intelligent Life Is the Architect of the Universe.
 Gazzaniga,Michael  Mike Gazzaniga - Home  Cognitive Neuroscience Publications
 Gazzaniga,Michael Human: The Science Behind What Makes Us Unique: Michael S. Gazzaniga: Books
 Gedney, Larry  Do Trees Communicate For Mutual Defense?, Alaska Science Forum


Biography: Erving Goffman, Symbolic Interactionism


Erving Goffman: A Bibliography  (NEW)


Erving Goffman - Important Sociological Thinker; The Presentation of Self In Everyday Life    (NEW)

 Goldstein, Kurt  The Nature Institute - Kurt Goldstein
 Hagelin, John  John Hagelin, Ph.D.: Grand Unified Field Theory
 Hakim, Joy  The History of Science
 Harrington, Anne  People - The Department of the History of Science, Harvard University   Mind-Body Expert
 Hebb, Donald O  Donald Hebb Biography, A pioneer in neuropsychology. "if the neurons fire together,they wire together."

Human Nature Review

The Human Nature Review edited by Ian Pitchford and Robert M. Young

Ideas Software

Software for Managing Ideas


IC34 - Exploring Our Interconnectedness

James, Williams

William James


Classics in the History of Psychology -- Janet (1930)

Jastrow, Robert

The Marshall Institute - A Conversation with Dr. Robert Jastrow   (NEW)

Jastrow, Robert

ENCHANTED LOOM (Touchstone Books): Books: Robert Jastrow   (NEW)

Kafatos, Menas

Toward an integrative science

Kandel, Eric

Eric Kandel Research Laboratory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind

Kelly, Kevin

Kevin Kelly -- Cool Tools (visit page "help wanted" for test of awareness of "outside")   (NEW)

 Korzybski, Alfred  Alfred Korzybski - General Semantics. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
 Laszlo, Erwin  Dr. Ervin Laszlo: Biography & Resources
 Laszlo, Erwin Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything: Ervin Laszlo: Books
 Lehrer, Jonah  Neuroscience: Making connections : Nature News
 Lichtman, Jeff  Jeff Lichtman's Brainbows Neuroanthropology

Lilly, John C

John C. Lilly: Scientific Visionary and Explorer

Lipton, Bruce

Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist and "The New Biology"

Lundy, Miranda

Sacred Geometry by Miranda Lundy    (NEW)

McFarlane, Thomas J

Center for Integral Science: Thomas J McFarlane    (NEW)

Meditation and Brain

Meditation Associated With Structural Changes in Brain

Metanexus Institute

Metanexus Institute     (NEW)

Miller, William R

William Richard Miller

Mind Control

Return to Synthetic Telepathy and the Early Mind Wars: Books on Mind Control    (NEW)

 Murphy, Todd  Persinger and the New Brain Sciences of Neurotheology and Magnetic Neurotechnology.

Nadeau and Kafatos

Review: "The Non-Local Universe" by Robert Nadeau and Menas Kafatos (I. M. Oderberg)    (NEW)


Brainwave Training - Biocybernaut Institute - Brain Wave Biofeedback Training using Neurofeedback   (NEW)

Noetic Science

Publications: Shift, the Magazine of the Institute of Noetic Sciences

Pari Center

Pari Center for New Learning - New Science / New Paradigms       (NEW)

Peat, F David

F. David Peat - physicist, writer and connector

Piaget, Jean

The Jean Piaget Society

Pinker, Steven

EDGE 3rd Culture: A Talk With Steven Pinker

Pinker, Steven

Steven Pinker - Author of "The Language Instinct"  find references through Wikipedia

 Pinker, Steven  The Mystery of Consciousness -- Friday, Jan. 19, 2007 -- Page 7 -- TIME
 Poincare, Henri   Henri Poincare: Mathematician and Universal Mind


View of "Popurls" from Outside   Watching the Hive Mind (see link to Popurls on We/Inside Page)   (NEW)

Prigogine, Ilya

Dr. Ilya Prigogine: increased our understanding of dynamical process in complex systems

Quantum Systems

Bookshelf @ Center for Complex Quantum Systems


Dean Radin - The Conscious Universe      (NEW) 

Restak, Richard

Richard M. Restak, Neurologist: The Secret Life of the Brain

Schwartz, Gary E.R.

The Living Energy Universe by Gary E. R. Schwartz      (NEW)

 Seife, Charles Ink Q&A - Charles Seife   Decoding The Universe

Self-Organizing Systems

The Complexity and Artificial Life Research Concept for Self-Organizing Systems   (NEW)

Seligman, Martin

Martin Seligman: Authentic Happiness : Using the new Positive Psychology

Seligman, Martin

Positive Psychology Center

 Shenk, David   The Genius in All of Us: Why Everything You've Been Told About Genetics, Talent, and IQ Is Wrong (9780385523653): David Shenk: Books

Sherrington, Charles

Sir Charles Sherrington: Author of "The Integrative Action of the Nervous System, 1906

Siegel, Daniel

Daniel J. Siegel The Developing Mind and Mindsight

Siegel, Daniel

Siegel: Toward an Interpersonal Neural Biology

Siegel, Daniel

A book review of The Developing Mind

Siegel, Daniel

Psychotherapy Networker: Audio Home Study of Daniel Siegel's Interpersonal Neural Biology


Sociology: The First Measured Century

 Spiegel, David  David Spiegel at Stanford University: researcher on mind-body healing

Spencer-Brown, G

G. Spencer-Brown - Wikipedia   (NEW)

 Suzuki,David  Link TV | Video Player | Earth Focus Interview: David Suzuki
 Taleb, Nassim  Nassim Nicholas Taleb's Home Page (Fooled by Randomness & Black Swan)

Targ, Russell

Russell Targ. Books and Workshops on Remote Viewing, Psi / Psychic Science, Spiritual Healing.   (NEW)

Tart, Charles, T

Charles T. Tart Home Page and Consciousness Library Online Transpersonal Psychology, Parapsychology, Consciousness, Hypnosis, Psi, Mindfulness

Trance and Trauma

Trance and Trauma: some early history of the scientific investigation of....   (NEW)

 Venter, J. Craig  J. Craig Venter Institute: Home of leader in genomics

Wiener, Norbert

Wiener Norbert: Inventor of Cybernetics and author of The Human Use of Human Beings

Wilson, E.O.

 Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia






"Ideals ought to aim at the transformation of reality -- no less!"

from William James - some observations