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The vision and mission. The future is all about verbs. What will we do? See the "Introduction" page and the "Directory" page for a more detailed summary of my vision and the mission of this website.   There are hundreds of references on this site to provide glimpses  or opportunities for indepth study of a vast array of perspectives pertaining to "integration."   But this site, really, is about the capacity for integration that resides within us all.  How do we each become integrated and fully awake and fully functioning?   What do we each need to do?   What actions or non-actions are important for us to be fully functioning and integrated human beings?

Suggestions (a plural noun) are influencing how you think and behave.   That is, someone has suggested (a past tense verb) or you have suggested ( a past tense verb) how to think, feel and be and you  are responding to the suggestions. 

If you suggest (a verb) to yourself that you integrate your many diverse but linked capacities, you will then act (a verb) in specific concrete ways that will move (a verb) you along your evolutionary journey and you will become more fully alive and creative in the moment.

There are many other non-integrative, limiting behaviors, that are primarily conditioned and you respond to various stimuli, thoughtlessly, automatically.   

You can choose to arrange (a verb) your life and practice (a verb) integrating new adaptive and/or competing behaviors to prevent or modulate your old robotic, automatic, thoughtless, and limiting behaviors.  

Recognition and liberation are simultaneous.