Resume as well-differentiated part-ner.

1. I occupy a distinctive place on the planet. No other person “holds down the fort” right here in this particular space. And from this space, I have a unique viewpoint. The view from here is like no other on the planet. Period. That is a fact. Second, no other person has had this space in this particular moment. I have a unique location in time and space. I am just going to report in writing and with artistic expression, as a representative of what can be seen, heard, felt, imagined, envisioned, pondered, reasoned, concluded, opined, shared from this particular spot during this period of time. On this living planet, on this living organ of sense, I will be the sensory receptor and sensation sender exhibiting both a capacity to receive and send information from here. For these reasons I stand and address the world via the Internet as an equal to all who connect to my space and time.  I want to assert my individuality while simultaneously recognizing my connectedness.

2.. My viewpoint on mind and integration: I have worked with both therapeutic and investigative hypnosis for 30 years with hundreds of clients, all the while, asking myself “What exactly is this fascinating human experience that we call hypnosis?” How does it happen? What happens when it happens? When is a person in a trance and when not? How does the mind integrate it's experience? These and other similar questions, followed by careful observation, study and collecting views from the most insightful practitioners in the field, has led me to conclude that people are in hypnotic trances or under the influence of hypnotic-type suggestions of some sort much of the time. This is to say that people are behaving in response to suggestions; sometimes from the immediate environment and often from long ago. Often the suggestion is a self-suggestion. I believe that to reach a conclusion that we are all not connected, that we are all not in this life in a differentiated AND united way, is to be responding to a hypnotic suggestion that is, in effect, a “negative hallucination”, i.e. it is a hypnotically induced belief to not see something that we would and can naturally see, feel, hear and fully experience.  So, if you follow along with me on this Website, my intention is to wake us up so that we are more fully aware of our own life and the life around us.  

I state the above as "facts" under the heading "it", as statements "outside" us all, here in writing.  But they are integrative statements representing past, future, inside and outside simultaneously.