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“There is a ‘Grand Integrator’ within everyone that is capable of integrating all the linked yet differentiated components that make us human.” —Myers

“Wellness is the result of a human being becoming integrated” —Siegel

"I occupy a distinctive place on the planet. No other person 'holds down the fort' right here in this particular space.  What I mean is: I have my space time coordinates; you have yours.  And from this time-space vantage point, I have a unique viewpoint.  No other person can see, hear, feel, sense the fragment of reality that happens to be available to me, now.  This is a realization I claim with pride.  I am honored and distinguished by this fact; as should you, for your unique position in the
grand scheme of things. ” —Myers


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Who is this David Myers ?

For your enjoyment, curiosity or investigative inclinations, I offer my story (subjective) , my professional past (history) and my vision or intentions for "future" generations.

1. Well Differentiated Part-ner In Integration     (Outside)

2. Meaningful Moments On The Journey             (Inside)

3. Professional Resume                                          (Past)

4. The Grand Integrator Vision and Mission        (Future)



"...there is nothing more real than dream." - Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche


"...normal waking life is as unreal as dream, and in exactly the same way." - Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche








Connecting is Activism.